Energy Label

Energy Label and Energy Class

The purpose of energy label is to give consumers the ability to take into account the energy parameter in the final selection of the electrical device, providing information about the energy consumption of specific electrical device.

The energy efficiency of an electric household appliance evaluated by means of energy efficiency classes.

These classes range from A +++ to D or A to G. As A +++ (or A) characterized the most energy-efficient appliance and D (or G) the least energy efficient device.

The energy labels also provide other useful information such as the class operational performance of devices, so that the consumer can compare and choose between products.

The European Union has imposed the indication in all electrical appliances, energy class to which they belong.

By "energy class" meant the indicator indicating whether this device is intensive or not.


The energy rating for the air conditioning units, defined by SEER factor (for cooling operation) and SCOP factor (for heating operation).

The power consumption is shown in the energy label accompanying the air conditioner and the lists of products. The categories Energy class is shown below: