Inverter Technology

Conventional (on / off) or Inverter

Inverter technology is a new technology for making the air conditioner operate at different rates depending on the conditions prevailing in the area. That is in the beginning of its operation, it operates at a maximum rate until it approaches the desired temperature you have specified. Then, it works poorly and continuously, keeping the temperature levels very close to those selected.

So air conditioners with Inverter technology:

- Save energy,

- Decreases noise levels and

- We have a constant temperature throughout the duration of operation.


The air conditioning units with integrated Inverter technology  compressor, compared with conventional ON-OFF air conditioners (with constant velocity) have:

- Much lower power consumption

- Increased efficiency

- Lower noise level

- Smaller damage incidence

- Increased life time


The largest amount of your initial investment costs related to the purchase of an Inverter air conditioner, amortized over approximately two years, thanks to the about 40% energy saving, compared to a fixed-speed air conditioning unit.