Air conditioner choice

Power Selection (BTU / h)

One of the main features to be addressed before you buy an air conditioner is its power. In short, it is the appropriate performance (either in KW / h or in BTU / h) according to the area you wish to cover. Ideally, we encourage you to consult us for the correct selection of the correct power covering your area.

Below we present the table of correlation of the surface of an area and ​​the power of the air conditioning unit.

Area (m2)
9 - 13
13 - 18
18 - 25
25 - 30
30 - 35
35 - 40
40 - 45
45 - 55
55 - 65

Conventional or Inverter (on / off)

Inverter technology is a new technology for making the air conditioner operate at different rates depending on the conditions prevailing in the area. That is in the beginning of its operation, it operates at a maximum rate until it approaches the desired temperature you have specified. Then, it works poorly and continuously, keeping the temperature levels very close to those selected.

So air conditioners with Inverter technology:

    - Save energy,

    - Decreases noise levels and

    - We have a constant temperature throughout the duration of operation.

Energy label

The purpose of energy labeling is to give consumers the ability to take into account the energy parameter in the final selection of the electrical device, providing information about the energy consumption of specific electrical device.

- The energy efficiency of an electric appliance evaluated by means of energy efficiency classes.

- These classes are ranging from A+++ to D or A to G. As A+++ (or A) characterized the most energy-efficient appliance and D (or G) the least energy efficient device.

- The energy labels also provide other useful information such as the class operational performance of devices, so that the consumer can compare and choose between products.

Energy class A, A +, A ++

The SEER and SCOP rates in accordance with European Union directives, inform the consumer of the energy levels of an air conditioner in cooling mode (SEER) and heating (SCOP) mode respectively.

Noise Levels

One of the most important air conditioner selection features are noise levels of indoor unit, so you have a comfortable environment even in absolute tranquility.


For cleaner air in your room, several air conditioners apart from already existing filters and ionizer feature, have an additional filter that works with the following procedure:

The atoms of oxygen, come in contact with electrical circuit of high voltage. The negative ions joined with particles suspended in air (dust, perfumes, smoke, pollen, bacteria) and they are electrostatically charged. Therefore, the powder attaches to and the air of the area cleans.