The warranty covers any defect or damage due solely to the construction of the device, or defective part. In no case that means the replacing of the device but simply the replacing or repairing the defective part. The warranty does not cover the service of the repair shop, but only the replacement of the component to the corresponding part.

The provision of services for replacing of the part is only covered the first 2 months.

Main prerequisite of the warranty is preventive maintenance of the unit at least 1 time per year with the buyer's charge. Period of preventive maintenance from October 1 to March 31.

The service and the placement should be provided by authorized service company or agent who carried out the sale and installation of the machine, with licensed technicians. The annual maintenance is attested by the evidence of service by authorized repairers. If even a year the regular maintenance has not been done, then this warranty expires.

Our company has the right to determine the ςαυ and the place of repair of damage.

The warranty must be accompanied by a photocopy of the purchase invoice or retail card and proof of service for each preventive maintenance service.


The warranty does not apply in the following cases of:

1) Damage from non-authorized repair shop

2) improper installation or mishandling of device

3) Exogenous factors  which the factory is not responsible for (large fluctuations of power supply unless the specified operating limits of the device, etc.)

4) Poor and inadequate maintenance

5) Damage arising from connection to voltage other than indicated on the appliance plate and earthed socket (outlet).